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Where Should You Be Posting Your Open Jobs?

Are you convinced that the Internet is the most useful tool for employers recruiting qualified employees? You should be. You can post jobs online and use the Web for recruiting. Even a job posting in the classified section of your local newspaper is likely to produce mostly electronic resumes and applications these days.

Easily customizable, free, and paperless, why wouldn't prospective employees apply online? You can post jobs online and reap the benefit of the many potential employees searching online for jobs. Make the online world your recruiting partner; these are the best ways to post jobs and recruit online.

Post jobs on your company or organization website. Place the link prominently on your home page. Your job posting will attract candidates who are interested in your mission and vision as well as your open jobs. Make the recruiting portion of your website communicate your company culture, the reasons why a prospective employee will want to choose your firm, and specific instructions about how to successfully apply for your posted jobs. Your company website is your most significant online recruiting tool. Recognize its power to attract superior employees.

Your company website jobs are also featured on online job search sites., for example, is a search engine for jobs that drives job searchers directly to jobs on corporate career websites, employee recruiting job boards, online newspapers, blogs, and association websites.

Opportunities for employers to post jobs online at social media sites are also growing daily. Don't miss the opportunity to place your stake in the ground where active and passive job searchers mingle.

Recruit through online social media sites.As the power and reach of sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter expand, so does their facility as an online resource to recruit employees. Each offers employers methods to recruit and hire employees, but the true power of their reach may rest in your ability to tap into the power of your satisfied employees and their online networks.

With an involved population that exceeds the number of people residing in the US, Facebook postings about jobs and products by employees and customers reach millions in employee online networks (friends) on Facebook.

Social Media Job Posting Opportunities Are Expanding: You can post jobs online at LinkedIn on your company page. Facebook also offers company pages where you can post jobs and focus on disseminating news about your company and your work environment. The apps available at Facebook, that automatically post jobs that are drawn from your website, increase daily. If you think you can't do it, look around you; you probably can. The innovations for employer job posting on social media sites are growing. Potential employees, who frequent these social media networks, can stay up-to-date on your job listings without ever leaving their favorite site. This is a key tool to attract employees who have identified your company as a place where they'd like to work.

And, many additional social networking sites, based on causes, industries, interests, businesses, skill sets, and more, exist. Identify the social media and networking sites that cater to people in your industry, and that attract people with the skills you need, and participate. Each has its own protocols, which you can learn, to source great candidates online.


Post jobs in the classified section of your local newspaper; the paper likely has an online partner. No, classified advertising in local newspapers is not dead. It has changed. Still an opportunity to fill many positions, especially local jobs requiring local candidates, your neighborhood newspaper recognizes the power and reach of the online world. When you purchase a classified ad, you automatically post the job online, at an often reasonable, additional cost.

Additionally, many local newspapers and regional papers offer the opportunity to post jobs online for a local or regional audience without purchasing a print classified. The advantage to the online job posting is that space is not an issue - you don't pay by the column inch which allows you to fully describe the posted job opening. powers the online job postings for more than 1,000 partners, including over 100 newspapers, America Online, and MSN.

Post jobs on college, university boards and trade schools that serve alumni. While these jobs are typically listed through the institution's main career services channel, the college may have special services for alumni job searchers and employer recruiters. Especially for jobs requiring degrees, you'll locate qualified, often local, candidates. Almost all colleges and universities have some kind of career services office that allows you to post jobs online. They maintain contact with their alumni and are likely to assist alumni to job search over the course of their careers.

Additionally, they may offer employer connection services that make recruiting their alums easier for employers. The institution from which you are recruiting, may also maintain an alumni LinkedIn group where you can post jobs for free.

Focus your recruiting attention on colleges and universities that graduate candidates with the degrees and skills that your company needs. It may pay you back in excellent recruits to develop a relationship with the alumni career services staff.


Post jobs through your local college or university student career center and maintain relationships with university departments that specialize in your needed skills. Many offer free job postings and feature local candidates, especially for beginning career positions and internships. Others have partnered with online services. You can focus on colleges and universities that offer degree programs that qualify their students for your available jobs. Or, focus on local campuses that have students who may want to remain in your area. Colleges are dedicated to helping their students obtain employment; often a deciding factor when students choose their college.

Get to know and develop relationships with professors and others in the departments that graduate your desired candidates. Your insider relationships and information may allow you to attract the most desirable grads. They also assist you to land high quality interns - students who may eventually become your most treasured employees. And, you get to try them out before you purchase their long term services, an opportunity that savvy employers recognize is one of the key advantages of their internship programs.


Use Job Search Engines to help job applicants notice your company and your online job postings. For example, offers opportunities for employers to pay to have their job listings stand out. Employers avoid the cost of posting jobs online on multiple sites that then must be monitored. Linkup indexes a company's website daily to offer applicants an opportunity to apply for your newest, often unadvertised jobs, directly through your company website. This enables employers to receive online job applications that meet your specific requirements.

SimplyHired, the world's largest job search engine, lists employer jobs for free and offers a pay-per-click option that allows your jobs to stand out from the pack. Their relationships with all of the major social networking sites give your open jobs wide distribution.

Stay in touch with the world of job search engines. New sites proliferate and, depending on your requirements, may help you meet your recruiting needs.


Post jobs on commercial Job Boards such as Monster, for general jobs, and for seasonal jobs. These job boards remain the Big Kaunas in the job search industry. While their massive reach will bring you quantities of resumes from unqualified candidates, the occasional applicant gem exists as well. (I once found a well-qualified CFO through Because these job boards are known to all job searchers, and have a huge reach, they attract applications from most online job searchers.

Their cited pricing is rarely the best price. Look for deals on the website or contact a sales agent. The sales agent will stay in touch with special offers for both posting jobs and searching the job site's resume database. You can save hundreds of dollars over listed prices.

More and more specialized job boards are entering the market. Depending on the qualifications required from the employees you seek, specialized job boards may be a better option for your online job posting than the big sisters in the online space. Specialized job sites, such as, target key employee skill sets or areas of expertise such as technology that your company may need. You may decrease the spam of hundreds of unqualified resumes in your inbox using more specialized job sites.

Post jobs online at sites that provide employer-employee matching services and other services that employers may use to target specific candidates, and avoid the masses. Especially as online job searching becomes more sophisticated, employers find themselves dealing with hundreds of resumes from applicants for any desirable job. Employers can wade through the deluge by using online job sites that do the sifting for you. On a site, such as, employers can post a job and reach 37 million candidates from over 1200 job sites. The special twist? The site matches the job posting to candidate credentials. The subsequent graded and ranked list of candidates saves employers time and energy. The employer pays only for the candidates they select to contact.

The number and types of these sites, that provide additional services for employers, to enable them to easily identify qualified candidates, will grow. More and more specific, targeted services are required by employers who want to cut through the noise of online recruiting and job searching.

Post jobs at professional association websites. The job postings are often low cost or free, especially for members. Your local chapters are almost all online and local candidates will view your job posting at the local association site before they will see it at the national website. Make spending decisions based on this recommendation. In the same vein, post jobs in industry-related or industry-serving online or email newsletters. The candidates you attract will generally have experience in your industry, but may be national and look for relocation expenses paid. Depending upon the ability of your region to attract job searchers, this may or may not be a good strategy for you.

Post jobs with your state Workforce Development organization, through your state department of labor.They appreciate employer job postings. Click on the map to select a state or choose from the list for the Department of Labor/Employment Security Commission/Job Service Office in your state at's Job Searching site. In Colorado, employers can post jobs with the through Colorado Works. You'll find multiple options for both posting jobs online and recruiting candidates. 

Post jobs on discussion boards that allow posting jobs online. The forum associated with this site allows you to post jobs in a special jobs folder, for example.

Post jobs and job descriptions in emailed messages to business associates and colleagues. Seek candidates for your jobs. Referrals from people you know are usually good candidates because someone you know is vouching for them. Many employers maintain customized lists of personal and professional contacts, and when they have a job available for which they seek referrals, they contact their mailing list members.

Looking to the Future: Recruiting and Job Posting Online.  Options for online job posting and recruiting change daily. Just researching and staying on top of employer options during the past five years has been a daunting task as the online recruiting world changes daily. I expect that online recruiting options will continue to multiply as opportunities to match employers with superior candidates is a never ending quest.