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Call of the Day: Can we charge employees when they are late?

We are having problems with people being tardy or not clocking in on-time.  Can we charge them a fee that is less than their hourly rate to make changes to our time keeping system?


This would be considered typically be called an administrative fee and unfortunately you can’t.  The only way you can manage being tardy or not clocking in on time is to manage them by holding people responsible for their actions.  We suggest that you begin by sending out a notice to your staff (with live paychecks or hand it out to everyone at a staff meeting) that states your tardy and attendance policy. If you live in an area that has particular weather events, be sure to address those.  Also include your policy on clocking in and out.  The next time someone violates that policy, you must take the time to put them on a Performance Improvement Plan.  In this PIP, be sure to be clear that if it happens again within a 6-month or year period, they will be terminated.  So if it does happen again, follow through and terminate.  You must keep everything uniform.  If you take into account one person’s personal excuse, you have to take into account everyone’s personal excuse or possibly face a discrimination law suit.