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Motivating Employees: HR tips for getting employees motivated and engaged with your company.

Late Time Cards & Reports Giving You Headaches?

You’d think employees would be eager enough for their paychecks that they would make sure to turn in time or reports submitted promptly. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case, and employers may be tempted to withhold pay as a not-so-gentle reminder for workers to submit on time. That’s temptation best avoided as it could spell trouble for your business and you personally.

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Where Should You Be Posting Your Open Jobs?

Are you convinced that the Internet is the most useful tool for employers recruiting qualified employees? You should be. You can post jobs online and use the Web for recruiting. Even a job posting in the classified section of your local newspaper is likely to produce mostly electronic resumes and applications these days.

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What Does an Employer Do When An Employee Steals?

It seems somewhat evident on what you should do when an employee steals – but is it really? Employee theft is an unpleasant reality in the workplace, but when the employee is still on the job, at least the employer can easily confront the worker. But what’s an employer to do if the theft is discovered after the employee leaves the job and moves out of state? Does the errant worker get off scot-free?

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Caregiver Minimum Wage & Overtime Ruling May Be Coming

Last month the Supreme Court of the United States(SCOTUS) released a decision on a case that affects the HCAOA’s case against the Department of Labor (DOL). Literally hours before the rule went into effect requiring all Caregivers employed by a third party be paid minimum wage and overtime, the DC Circuit Court issued a decision that nullified the DOL’s overtime/minimum wage rule for caregivers. The decision from the DC Circuit Court stated that they DOL didn’t have the right to make these changes and that Congress should be making these decisions. This decision is in great jeopardy and soon.

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Caregiver Exemption Stands – What Now?

As you may have heard by now, the judge who originally struck down the redefinition of the companionship services stuck by his original decision and kept the ruling allowing the Department of Labor to pursue it through the appeals courts. So what does that really mean?

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Interviews: Questions to Ask and to Avoid

Congratulations—you’re hiring a new employee. Now that you have it narrowed down to your favorite candidates, it’s time to bring them in and ask them a few questions to see if they are the right fit for your company. What questions to ask? Even scarier, what questions are no-nos? Generally, the list of prohibited questions coincides closely with the protected classes under federal and state laws. Where things get really confusing is sometimes it just depends on how you ask a question.

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Preventing Unwanted Employee Exits

January is fast approaching which not only means fun gatherings and festive affairs, but it also means that year-end bonuses and in some cases tax refunds are quickly approaching. The influx of cash mean employees exiting at record speeds. A couple of recent surveys paint a disturbing picture: One survey from a talent management firm found that 83 percent of 900 North American employees surveyed plan to seek new positions in 2015. Another survey reports that 56 percent of the more than 1,800 human resources managers polled concede that their employee engagement efforts are falling short.

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The Trouble With Travel

A question that employers frequently raise—do I have to pay my employees for travel time? It can be quite a confusing mess, made worse by vagueness in the law. What constitutes compensable travel? Do I reimburse mileage? Does any it make a difference if the employee is using a company car? These are all valid questions and pop up in some form for almost every business.

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Comp Time vs. Overtime

We receive a lot of questions regarding using comp time instead of paying overtime. We find that employees and employers alike share questions and frustrations relating to how overtime works, when it must be paid, and whether time off can be substituted for overtime pay. Seemingly simple questions get complicated when intricate rules come in to play.

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Managing Workplace Arguments

As managers, we would like to think that our employees can manage conflict among themselves but unfortunately it takes you, the manager, to manage the conflict so that it doesn’t turn into the great divide in your workplace. When opposing opinions don't mesh well within the work place, it all comes down to how emotions are managed - not from what was said to prove the point. When emotions are allowed to run haywire during a disagreement, things go downhill very quickly and the discussion goes nowhere.

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