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Motivating Employees: HR tips for getting employees motivated and engaged with your company.

Managing Workplace Arguments

As managers, we would like to think that our employees can manage conflict among themselves but unfortunately it takes you, the manager, to manage the conflict so that it doesn’t turn into the great divide in your workplace. When opposing opinions don't mesh well within the work place, it all comes down to how emotions are managed - not from what was said to prove the point. When emotions are allowed to run haywire during a disagreement, things go downhill very quickly and the discussion goes nowhere.

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How Does Marijuana Legalization for Medical & Recreational Use Affects Employers

In 2013, Colorado and Washington became the first states to legalize the possession of small amounts of marijuana. Twenty other states have legalized marijuana to be used for medical purposes with 18 additional states anticipating some level of legalization in the Fall 2014 elections. Colorado is the first state to enact recreational marijuana legislation. Washington will begin opening their marijuana stores later in the year. Many eyes are on Colorado to see how marijuana impacts their economy, violence and other issues. But truly the big question is – as employers, what does it mean?

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Considering a Noncompete?

As the economy and employment rates improve, noncompete agreements are grabbing more and more headlines and seem to be on everybody’s radar. What are they? Do I need one? How can I make sure what I write is enforceable? These are all questions that we frequently get asked by employers. I’m sure many of you have hired your rockstar employee, only to see them go after considerable time and money, training the employee. As a result of situations like this, more and more employers are looking to draft noncompetes to protect both their time and resources. As with most areas of employment law, what’s allowed varies from state to state. In fact, it would be impossible to write a noncompete that is applicable in all 50 states. Which means pulling one from the internet is not going to protect you. With the improvement in the economy, more employers are feeling pressured to have employees sign noncompetes. Increased mobility and greater job opportunities give employees significantly more latitude than in recent years. With the resulting rise in noncompetes, litigation over noncompetes is also on the uptick. There has been 60 percent more litigation over noncompetes than in the past decade alone, making this an extremely topical issue.

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Job Descriptions: Living, Breathing Legal Documents

The task of writing and revising job descriptions may sound unexciting, while at the same time be daunting. There is so much to consider—essential and nonessential functions, varied job responsibilities, experience and education requirements, etc.—creating or updating can be mind-numbing. Then throw in the legal issues to consider, including things like how to prevent discrimination and wage and hour claims, and the job can get overwhelming.

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Illegal Interview Questions

Following are some of the more common illegal interview questions. While many HR and Recruiting staff know that these questions are illegal, many hiring managers do not. And while no one is going to arrest you for using these questions, you will find that there is a significant amount of legal risk (meaning someone can sue you for discrimination).

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7 Tips to Beating the Performance Divide

The start of the new year is a time for reflection as well as rebirth for many organizations. As companies start the new year, managers in many organizations will be meeting with staff to review organizational goals. This is the time to reflect on the good to help strategize for the year ahead. One of the most important discussions is the traditional performance review. Typically, many performance reviews focus less on output and more on behavior.

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Call of the Day: Employee File

We have an employee who is demanding that they see their personnel file. Are we required to show it to them? It doesn’t necessarily have anything in it we would prefer he not see, it is just the way that he is asking that is alarming to us.

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Holiday Office Party Alternatives

Those of us over a certain age remember those lavish parties our past employers may have showered us with, but as a small business where money may be tight, you may want to show your staff you care but you don’t have the energy, time? You are not alone! "Only 79% of organizations are holding an office party for the holidays, according to Joel Stein, writing in International executive search firm Amrop Battalia Winston says it's the lowest percentage in the 30 years that the company has conducted its poll.

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Call of the Day: Non-Disclosure Agreement

We have a non-disclosure agreement as part of our handbook, do we really need an employee to sign a second agreement if they sign that they have received the handbook?

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Call of the Day: At-Will States and Discipline

Why do I need to go through the steps of progressive discipline when I operate my business in an At-Will state?

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