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Symmetry Video Series


Motivating Employees: HR tips for getting employees motivated and engaged with your company.

Call of the Day: Can I require an employee to bring filled out paperwork on their first day?

May I send the application to my employee’s and require that they bring it with them on their first day all completed?

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25 Off-Limits Interview Questions

Job interviews present a minefield of legal problems. One wrong question could spark a discrimination lawsuit. That's why you should never "wing it" during interviews. Instead, create a list of interview questions and make sure every question asks for job-related information that will help in the selection process.

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The Proof is in the Paper Trail

How do you shield yourself from liability when faced with an allegation of discrimination?

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Solutions for Workplace Negativity: Overcoming Bad Attitudes and Complaints

It’s no secret that it doesn’t take much to poison the workplace atmosphere. Everyone gets bad-tempered at work sometimes. Chronic negativity is a different story. Co-workers who are consistently nasty and complaining can sap the very lifeblood out of your workplace.

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