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Motivating Employees: HR tips for getting employees motivated and engaged with your company.

Words are Powerful: Racism and Hostile Work Environments

Words explain the world to us, communicate our thoughts and feelings. As useful as they are, it’s also true that words can be weapons. Trying to excuse linguistic cruelty with an “everybody says that” or an “I was just kidding” does nothing to remove the lasting sting. In English, the most heinous of all may be the “n” word. Although segments of pop culture seem to have a continuing and contradictory relationship with that word, employers should know it has no place in a workplace. Unfortunately, one employer learned that lesson the hard way.

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Avoiding Association Discrimination in Your Company

An often overlooked but growing area of discrimination claims is association discrimination.

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When Exempt Workers are Exempt

President Obama's re-election increases the likelihood that new regulations will require employers to maintain written justifications for exempt-nonexempt decisions. Here's some guidance on how much nonexempt work an exempt employee can perform. Exempt work has to be the primary duty of an exempt employee. How can you make sure exempt employees are fulfilling this requirement? A useful guide is the percentage of time spent performing exempt work. Employees who spend more than 50 percent of their time performing exempt work will generally satisfy the primary duty requirement.

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Making your Company Uninteresting to Plaintiff Attorney’s

Even when it seems like you’ve done everything right, an ex-employee may decide to challenge your termination decision.

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Fire Before You Hire: 4 essential steps

The problem: Employers often hire for hard skills but fire for soft skills.

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