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Symmetry Video Series


Motivating Employees: HR tips for getting employees motivated and engaged with your company.

Exit Interviews Matter: Learn from Employees Who Leave

When good employees leave, their old employers don’t have to say goodbye to them without realizing some benefit. Exit interviews can provide that benefit by offering information that can help employers make recruiting, hiring, and policy decisions that will keep them desirable to current and future employees.

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Getting Interviews Right

How do you get the insights and information you need during job interviews? Asking the right questions is one key to getting critical intelligence, but figuring out just what to ask can be a challenge.

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Employee Theft The Good News & The Bad

What do you do when you discover someone has stolen from the company? The thief may be someone who’s new or temporary, or he or she may be a valued and trusted employee with many years of dedicated service.

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Making Performance Evaluations Easier

While typically dreaded by both managers and employees, performance evaluations are an essential tool that businesses can use to gather feedback, review performance, correct any deficiencies and update job descriptions to accurately reflect the reality of the position. Unfortunately, performance reviews usually fall way down on the priority list.

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Getting a Handle on Summer Absenteeism

With summer in full swing, employers may find more than a few empty desks around the office. That’s not too much of a burden when employees plan in advance and schedule time for their vacations, but sometimes the beach beckons on short notice and employees may extend a weekend with a sick day or two. Or maybe they just don’t show up with no excuse.

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Holding onto Valuable Employees

Many businesses appreciate the importance of retaining top performers for granted.

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Vacation Season Has Begun…or Has It?

We’re heading into the midst of summer, the time when cubicle dwellers may be daydreaming about their escape and vying for the last few prime spots on the vacation calendar.

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A Whole New I-9: The Devil is in the Details

May 7, 2013 marked a significant change for employers---the introduction of a revised I-9 form, the first in nearly 25 years.

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The Proof is in the Paper Trail

How do you shield yourself from liability when faced with an allegation of discrimination?

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Comp Time―Not for Nonexempt Employees of Private Companies?

Comp time, training time, and overtime

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