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Symmetry Consulting provides outstanding human resource management including advice, support, and advocacy for growing businesses who do not have an in-house human resource team.

Our services include HR starter kits for small businesses, human resource management, executive search and recruitment, and a help line for clients seeking ready advice about human resource issues.

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Karolynn St-Pierre, Founder

Karolynn St-Pierre

Symmetry’s founder, Karolynn Humberd St-Pierre, is a Senior Human Resource Professional, author, and speaker known for her expertise in helping businesses navigate the complexities of human resource management. Her book, The Small Business Human Resource Bible has become a desktop guide for small business owners nationwide.

In 2009 Karolynn founded Symmetry Consulting. Symmetry Consulting partners with its clients so can focus on their bottom line and business growth, while Symmetry manages their HR functions and ensures compliance with labor laws. Karolynn and her team are spread throughout North America assisting their clients on-site or virtually.

Prior to founding Symmetry Consulting, , Karolynn spent 15 years working for some the largest human resource consulting companies, providing advice to Fortune 500 companies including Microsoft, Coors, Target, and Ford Motor Company.

Karolynn splits here time between Colorado and Vancouver, Canada and in her free time she enjoys spending time with her two very active boys, travel and reading a good mystery.